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Yearbooks are on SALE for $65.00 until December 2, 2016!

(The Price will go up starting December 2nd, so buy your Yearbook now for the best price.) You can purchase your book on-line at http://www.jostens.com/yearbooks or through Mrs. Galaydick and the Yearbook Staff.


All Baby Ads are DUE: December 9th, 2016
(You can submit your Ad online or to Mrs. Galaydick)

Baby Ads Submitted Online: DUE December 1, 2016

1. Go to the following Website: http://www.jostens.com/yearbooks
2. Select “Order your Yearbook Ad”
3. Find our School and then select “Shop Your School”
4. Select “Yearbook Recognition Ad”
5. You will then create an account. Once done you can personalize your Ad. (You can also purchase additional items this way, including your Yearbook!) 

Baby Ads Submitted To Mrs. Galaydick: DUE December 9, 2016

1. Bring in your photos and message with your full name attached.
2. The Yearbook Staff will create the Ad for you. Remember that each Ad is limited by the size you purchase, number of pictures you submit, and amount of characters you write. We will do our best to include everything but we may need to make adjustments.
3. All baby pictures will be return after the Ads have been completed (this will be in second semester).

Remember that all images are subject to review by the Yearbook Staff. Please only submit photos that are in focus, as large as possible, and school appropriate.

       Pricing for Baby/Recognition Ads

1/8 of a page


1/4 of a page


1/2 page


Full Page


See Mrs. Galaydick or a Yearbook Staffer for More Information.  

  • Fequently Asked Questions

    When Are Senior Photos Due? All Senior Photos have been submitted for 2016-2017 school year (Oct. 14th, 2016 was the Deadline). You can no longer submit senior photos.

    What Are The Requirnments for Senior Photos?

    All senior photos MUST follow these rules to be placed in the Yearbook—should any of these rules be violated then your photo can be rejected. This means that we will either (1) use your class mug shot picture or (2) you will not be represented in the Senior Section.  You may submit your photos on-line, e-mail them, or bring a photo to Mrs. Galaydick. Please include your given name when submitting.

    1. Make sure this picture is as large as possible (over 1 megabyte preferably 4x6).
    2. All pictures must be school appropriate (e.g. in compliance with school dress code policy) – low-cut shirts, see through, etc., are not acceptable. All pictures are subject to review. When in doubt, check with school administration. *Remember No Bs!*
    3. You should be the only person in the photo.
    4. No blurry or out-of-focus photos!

    How Do I Submit Senior Photos?

    1. Personally bring a photo (4x6) to Mrs. Galaydick (Room #119)
    2. E-mail your photo to: yearbookmesaridge@gmail.com (Include your name and make sure the picture is a large jpeg image)

    When Are Senior Quotes Due? (October 14, 2016) All quotes should be school appropriate! (No Expletives, derogatory words/phrases, or defaming statements) Quotes should be 1-2 sentences long with about 100 characters total.

    When Are We Voting For Senior Superlatives: (October 10-14, 2016) This will be done during your Advisory class. More information will be available on KMRG.

  • Yearbook Deadlines
    Academic - Quiz
    Academic - Test
    Athletic Event
    Athletic Practice
    Musical or Art Event
    Parent Teacher Conference
    Professional Development
    PTO/PTA Meeting
    School Board Meeting
    Staff Meeting