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Library Schedule

Kindergarten                                                                                    1st Grade
      Archuletta-Wednesdays                                                                   Carter- Thursdays
      Lesniak- Thursdays                                                                          Lavin- Tuesdays
      Piccalo-Tuesdays                                                                             Schumacher- Wednesdays
2nd Grade                                                                                         3rd Grade
      Crongeyer- Wednesdays                                                                 .Mucci- Tuesdays
      Holst- Tuesdays                                                                               Varano-Thursdays
      Iten- Thursdays
4th Grade                                                                                          5th Grade
      Guillet- Tuesdays                                                                              Marques-Fridays
      Weilert- Mondays                                                                              Mauck (4th/5th)- Fridays
                                                                                                                 Suazo- Thursdays

Library Information

Kindergarten and first grade may check out one book at a time.  Kindergarten students will begin checking out after the beginning of the year.
Second through fifth grade may check out two books at a time.
Please remind students to return their library books during their scheduled library time.  Parents are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged books.  We encourage our students to utilize our library for their reading enjoyment.  If you have any questions please call Mrs.Barnett at 391-3405.