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  • Coaching Philosophy
    In order to enhance character-building and sportsmanship aspects of our program, I believe we must start with attitude. Attitude is a key element to our approach to situations on and off the court. Attitude will guide our commitment to principles and goals such as academics, character, discipline, hard work, intensity, pride, and most important teamwork. As a team we will commit to shooting, rebounding, and playing intense physical basketball on both ends of the court.

    * Have Fun!
    * Don’t play to not lose, play to win.
    * Have a positive attitude.
    * Hard Work! 
    * Work as a team!
    * Be a team on and off the court.
    * Support each other!
    * Don’t ever give up!
    * Help others to be their best.
    * No Excuses!
    * Treat every game as if it’s the championship.

    Men’s Basketball Priorities/Objectives

    1. Son 2. Student 3. Athlete

    * Emphasize academic achievement.
    * Equip all participants in safe gear at all times.
    * Work daily developing and improving skills, fundamentals, safety, and the rules governing safety of the game.
    * Stress teamwork every day.
    * Build pride both individually and collectively.
    * Increase each player’s basketball IQ.
    * Continue personal growth as players and coaches.
    * Maintain a competitive program year to year.
    * Encourage acceptable behavior and accountability
    * Encourage athletes to remain alcohol and drug free.