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  • Track Rules

    Field events start @ 3:30.                

    1. Boys’ hurdles will be 110.
    2. Girls’ hurdles will be 100.                                                                                                            

     Shot Put
    1. Boys use 8lb shot.
    2. Girls use 6 lb. shot.
    3. A 40° radius will be used.

    High Jump                                                      
    1. Boys’ high jump will start at 4’, then 4’3”, 4’6”, 4’9”; 2” increments thereafter.                              
    2. Girls’ high jump will start at 3’6”, then 3’9”, 4’, 4’3”; 2” increments thereafter.

    1. Boys & girls both use the 1kilo disc.
    2. A 40° radius will be used.                   

    Adopted order of events: all events will be 7th girls, 8th girls, 7th boys, 8th boys.

               1600m run
               100m low hurdles – girls
               110m low hurdles – boys
               100m dash
                800m relay
                400m dash
                400m relay
                800m run
                200m dash
                800m medley
              1600m relay


     (No spectators will be allowed on the infield.)
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    Girls' Track:

    Holly De Rubis, derubish@wsd3.org

    Tricie Neifert, neifertt@wsd3.org


    Boys' Track:

    Ryan Langan, langanryan@wsd3.org

    Kendall Swarbrick, swarbrickk@wsd3.org