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    Students may check out up to three books for two weeks. Books can be renewed as long as there is no waiting list. Sproul does not charge late fees; however, if a book is damaged or lost, fines will be assessed. WARNING: Sproul's library has a wide range of books for students. Many books are young adult, so if you check out a book that is not right for you, please return it and our librarians would love to help you find one appropriate for your reading and maturity levels.


    Classes do not have a scheduled time at the library; however, the library is open before school, during lunch, and after school. Teachers also give students library passes during class, so just ask.

  • BOB


    Sproul Junior High will be participating in the 3rd Annual Widefield School District 3 Battle of the Books competition. Read great books, meet fellow readers, and have lots of fun! Sign up in the library! You can begin reading today! Click here for the 2016-17 list of books!

  • OverDrive

    Want to read or listen to books on a device? Widefield School District 3 now uses OverDrive for eBooks and Audiobooks! Download the app or click here,  log in to start reading!

    STUDENT LOGIN: UN: student ID PW: UPPER CASE initials + 4 digit number + lower case initials

    STAFF LOGIN: UN: IC username PW: initials + 6 digit staff ID

    Need more information or new to OverDrive? Click here for more help.

  • EBSCO is a database used for research.

    The username is sproul and the password is spartans.

    Using EBSCO will also give you access to the following resources:

    • Science Reference Center
    • History Reference Center
    • Points of View
    • NoveList
    • Consumer Health Complete
    • Legal Information
    • Small Engine Repair
    • Auto Repair
  •  SuperLibrarians



    Kristie Martinez, martinezk@wsd3.org

    Stacey Velasquez, velasquezs@wsd3.org

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