• What is Forensics?

    Forensics is competitive speech and debate.  There are 13 different events in which you can compete.  You only compete in one or two events of your choice.  Debate, public speaking, or acting.

    They are: Lincoln Douglas Debate

    Public Forum Debate

    World Schools Debate

    Congress Debate

    Original Oratory

    Informative Speech

    International Extemp

    US Extemp


    Program Oral Interpretation




    Practices are one on one.  You sign up for a 30 minute session once a week.  The season lasts from Aug.-Mar. but you don't have to participate the entire time!  You can take a break to play or sport or be in a play, and then come back when you're done.  Almost all of the team members are involved in another sport or activity.

    You can earn a speech credit and even get a Varsity letter.

    Stop by Room 210 to learn more.