All assignments are designed as practice for the PSAT/SAT which is a graduation requirement. Students will have one week to complete each assignment outside of class. I will enter grades on the Monday after the assignment was given, so if a student is turning an assignment in late then he/she MUST email me when the assignment is complete. I will NOT actively search for late/missing student work after the due date.

    Students who DO NOT score at least a 70% will be given a retake assignment to help with their practice (all retakes are due 5.3.19). I will always enter the higher grade into the IC. Please remember that these retakes are optional. Students should email me when they complete each retake.

    • 04.15-19.2019:
      NRI#6 (Commonly Confused Words)
    • 04.01-05.19:
      NRI#5 (Actice and Passive Voice)
    • 03.18-19.19:
      NRI#4 (Commonly Confused Words & Commas)
    • 01.28-02.01:
      NRI#3 (Commas)
    • 01.15-16.2019:
      NRI#2 (Commonly Confused Words--It's vs Its; A vs An; Too, To, vs Two)
    • 01.09-10.2019:
      NRI#1 (Commonly Confused Words--Their, There, They're)