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Ms. Tilley

I thrilled to be back at Mesa Ridge High School and to launch our new and update commercail arts program!  For our three career pathways please look for them below.

 I have previously taught University English in China for a month in the summers at Jiatong University in Xian, China.  I am enthusiastic about my career as an Art teacher and as an award winning Artist.  I hope to share with my students the passion for learning and experiencing new things.  As a teacher I had the privilege of first working in the art industry before turning to my teaching career.  Through college and for several years after, I had the opportunity to manage and curate several small galleries.  After receiving my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree concentrating in Sculpture, I have found that there are many more opportunities in the art industry, more than what I was taught about.  As an artist, I have learned important business skills with my own small business, Raw Life Expressions (now expanding into Megan Tilley Designs), which has my artist career.  I want to encourage my students to find their talents and passions and follow them, even in the art industry.  I want to encourage my students to find their passions and follow them, even in the art industry.  

There are so many careers and options out there, and so much more to be offered than just the starving artist career in the arts industry.  It is important for students to learn that art is not just a useless skill, we use artistic and creative knowledge or interact with art everyday of our lives!  We live in a technology-based world that pulls from the artistic industry; you only have to find the connection between technology and art.  The creative process is alive across multiple industries and it is time our students accessed this incredible resource. 

If you need to get a hold of me the quickest way is email.....

 MRHS Art Pathways (these should be taken in order, as they are listed):

Foundations of Art and Design is a survey class that can be taken before any pathway.  It is a beginneer course that allows students to explore all medias so they can better choose a pathway to explore. 

1. 2-D Pathway:  Freehand Drawing -> Visual Concepts 2-D -> Painting -> Advanced Techniques and Applications -> Art Portfolio Prep I & II

2.  Multimedia Pathway:   Photography Fundamentals -> Photography Applications -> Photoshop & Multimedia I & II 

3. 3-D Pathway:  Ceramics & Sculpture I & II -> Advanced Techniques & Applications ->  Art Portfolio Prep I & II


If you would like further information on my teaching credentials or my career as an artist please feel free to visit these sites:

Teacher Portfolio:

Artist Website: