• Social Work Services

    The Office of Special Education employs four full-time social workers. Through their facilitation of group counseling, community and outdoor experiences, and classroom activities, social work staff members provide direct service to children who have been placed in district self-contained programs for emotional problems. They also provide consultative assistance to other professional staff, parents and school administration. Social workers network with outside agencies on behalf of children with disabilities. They facilitate placement in day treatment and in hospitalization when required. They also provide short-term individual counseling, crisis counseling and intervention when needed. Social workers provide backup coverage to the special services teams in each building, assisting with parent contacts and family assistance when requested. Widefield social workers may be reached individually by their telephone listings below or through the email address provided below.


    Social Workers

    Meredith Faas

    Katie Gassett

    Julie Parker

    Eileen Pollack

    Lisa Smith

    Lawton Stephens

    Becky Witt