• District Administration

    Scott Campbell 

    Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services
    Joe Garrett

    Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Leadership
    Connie Florell

    Secondary Student Learning and Math Achievement
    Executive Director 
    Kevin Duren

    Student Assessment and Information Systems
    Executive Director
    Kirsten Toy
    (719) 391-3009

    Literacy and Student Learning
    Assistant Director
    Paul MacRenato

    Human Resources
    Executive Director
    Kirk Vsetecka
    (719) 391-3015

    Assistant Director
    Jenn Sanchez-Mason

    Business and Finance
    Terry Kimber
    (719) 391-3026

    Community Education & Recreation
    Ben Valdez
    (719) 391-3515

    Chief Operations Officer
    Dennis Neal
    (719) 391-3530

    Special Education
    Lisa Humberd
    (719) 391-3050

    Assistant Director
    Tressa Lance

    Technology Services
    Coordinator of Educational Technology
    Carlos Lopez
    (719) 391-3044

    District Music Coordinator
    Samantha Davis
    (719) 391-3143

    Director of Communication
    Samantha Briggs
    (719) 391-3019


    Professional Support Staff

    John Morse
    (719) 391-3005

    Risk Manager
    Suzanne Fosdick
    (719) 391-3015

    District Accountant
    Angie Skalla
    (719) 391-3026

    Operations Manager
    Eric Lance
    (719) 391-3540

    Assistant Operations Manager
    Ron Kirby

    Nutrition Services
    Operations Manager
    Vicky Rhines
    (719) 391-3560

    Assistant Operations Manager
    Theresa Espinosa

    Operations Manager
    Jeff Baerresen
    (719) 391-3530

    Assessment Coordinator
    (719) 391-3009

    Coordinator of Information Systems
    Liz Brannan

    Coordinator of Student Learning Databases
    Daniel Johnston

    Angel Shell

    District Media Specialist
    Terri Brungardt

    Senior Network Engineer
    Kevin Toth

    District Systems Engineer
    Shannon Owen

    Coordinator of Databases
    Joe Crook

    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Kelley Stone

    Network Technician
    Vincent Oltion