Gifted and Talented

  • Philosophy

    Widefield School District 3 strives to recognize and develop the unique talents and diverse qualities of students with high academic, cognitive, creative, leadership, or specific talent ability so that each child will be challenged to achieve his or her full potential. This will be accomplished through home, school and community partnership, broad-based and diverse educational opportunities, and clearly defined criteria for identification and curriculum development and measurable standards of student performance.

    Identification Procedures

    District procedures have been established using a multiple criteria assessment approach. This means that many sources of information are reviewed over a period of time before formally identifying a student as gifted/talented in one or more areas. Decisions around identification should be based on the body of evidence using sound reasoning and data interpretation with a team approach. A Review Team is established at each of the schools. This team looks at the body of evidence to make a determination if a student qualifies. If there is not enough evidence to qualify a student, the team can decide if the student is a candidate for the talent pool.


    Standardized test scores for all students are screened for evidence of exceptionally high levels of performance on achievement tests. The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is used as the universal screening tool for second and seventh grade  students.


    Parents, teachers, and counselors may submit names of students they view as potentially gifted or talented at any time by completing a referral form. This form becomes part of the body of evidence. A determination shall be made within 30 days after a referral is made.


    When a student moves into the district, there will be a review of the new student’s advanced learning plan (ALP) within 45 days of enrollment. Parents will be notified within 60 days of any revisions and additions to the plan. When an identified student who is on an advanced learning plan transfers out of the district, his/her ALP and Student Profile will be sent with other student records to the new school.  


    Student data is used to match students to appropriate programming. Services for all identified students seek to ensure that they continue to make growth in their strength areas, and to perform at advanced and distinguished levels. Programming may include advanced and/or interdisciplinary classes, differentiated instructional techniques, project-based learning or other targeted services. Services may also include content area or grade level acceleration, mentoring, and affective (counseling) support services. Additional opportunities are available to gifted students in order to increase problem solving skills, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking.

Gifted and Talented Parent Handbook

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