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    D3 My Way: 3-12 online program

    Widefield School District 3 offers a grade 3-12 online program for students through the D3 My Way program.

    The program blends a solid online curriculum with face-to-face contact with a licensed teacher. Students are assessed to determine their academic strengths as well as areas which may need additional support. The D3 My kids at laptops Way center is located at SA Wilson Online and Alternative Education Center, 930 Leta Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80911.

    Our goal is to provide students and families the type of educational experience they desire. Parents have a menu of options from which to choose. Students may take their core academic classes online and then choose to access their school’s elective course offerings. Students may arrange tutoring during the online centers’ hours of operation. Additionally, students and parents have access to a tutor or teacher by appointment during off-hour times.

    The instructional activities are colorful, dynamic, age appropriate, and combined with explicit instruction and examples to create an exciting, rigorous and student friendly environment.

    Contact D3 My Way at 391-3080 or via e-mail at duella@wsd3.org.

    D3 My Way Documents

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    • Student Interest Application
    • Graduating Senior Application
    • Middle School Course List
    • High School Course List