• School To carEer Partnership - STEP

    • Part-time help is only a STEP away
    • Help students take the next STEP and gain a valuable member to your team!
    • Need extra help in your department or company?
    • Want to make a difference in a young person’s life?

    Think back to your very first job. Maybe you woke up at 4 a.m. to deliver newspapers. Others took their place on the burger line at the local fast food joint. Some of you may have done auto mechanics or office filing. Whatever the task, your first job strengthened your work ethic and provided a foundation for your spot in the workplace.

    Today, a program exists to help students take their first STEP into the workplace. The School To carEer Partnership (STEP) program at Widefield District 3 is a work-study program for high school students who are interested in a career in the vocational area. Many Colorado Springs businesses are already participating by assisting students as they gain valuable workplace experience.

    Could you use a bright and fresh student in your company? Juniors and seniors work a minimum of 7.5 hours per week in a paid position. Juniors may stay in the program for two years. In addition to being paid (in most positions), students also receive school credit. Most importantly, they learn about business strategies, work ethics, and valuable career skills from mentors like you.

    Interested in having a Widefield student join your team? Contact us.

    The STEP Coordinators will notify students of any opportunities to apply for employment.

    Jill Hildebrand: Widefield HS & Discovery HS (719-391-3200)
    Nick Williams: Mesa Ridge HS (719-391-3600)


    Pre-requisites for STEP

    • Students must have a good attendance record.
    • Students are required to take career-related classes.

    How STEP credit is earned

    • Students earn credit based on the hours spent in the career-related experience.
    • 135 hours or 7.5 hours per week in a paid position = 1 credit
    • 108 hours or 6 hours per week in a volunteer position = 1 credit
    • Juniors and seniors can earn a maximum of 2 credits per semester.
    • A maximum of 8 STEP credits can be earned throughout the junior and senior years.

    Grades and evaluations

    • Students earn a letter grade based on evaluations from supervisors. Midterm and quarter grades are taken via phone calls once per month.
    • The semester grade is a formal evaluation completed by the supervisors. This grade is placed on the student’s high school transcript.