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    Google Apps For Education (GAFE)...

    • is a collection of online applications that include, among other things, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars and email that can be accessed via most Internet devices.
    • provides file storage in Google Drive; all user information and work is securely stored and backed up on Google’s robust system of servers with a high level of security and reliability. 
    • is cloud-based; everything is created and stored online (with options to download/save files).
    • is free; GAFE is provided at no cost to WSD3.
    • allows WSD3 to setup, monitor, and control user accounts instead of Google controlling accounts.
    • is covered by existing WSD3 policy: JS - Student Use of Internet.


    • gives students access to technology applications currently used by many universities, organizations and businesses around the world; providing real-world skills applicable beyond the classroom.
    • gives students the ability to work on their documents both in school and at home, with virtually any Internet connected device.
    • provides adequate long-term storage space for student work, nearly eliminating the need for flash drives or other storage devices that are easily left at home/school, stolen, lost, or damaged.
    • extends the learning environment beyond the walls of the classroom.
    • allows students and staff to share and collaborate on files, facilitating group work and team building.