• Grading

    Class Assignments 

    • Assessments          %40
    • Projects                 %40
    • Daily assignments   %20

     Google Classroom

    • A majority of our assignments will be completed in this app
    • Please refer to IC for your grade 

    Missing Work

    • Please email me and give me the assignment number from google classroom that I need to grade
    • Tests can be made up during advisory  


    • Be Safe
    • Follow instructions
    • Don’t disrupt the learning environment ( stay in seat, keep noise level down, respect others opinions, think before you speak)
    • No sleeping, throw away trash
    • Participate during guest speaker
    • 1-3 minor infractions   4th  equals a major and office referral 

    Sensitive Topics

    • Suicide
    • Sex/Drugs/Alcohol
    • Social Issues 




  • Movies 

    This class uses movies to help supplement the curriculum  

    All movies PG/ PG 13 (some contain mild language, sensitive issues/situations)

    List of Movies (subject to change) 

    • Walk to Remember
    • Speak
    • Supersize Me
    • A Girl Like Her 
    • Sky High
    • She’ s Too Young
    • Forever Strong
    • Soul Surfer
    • Food Inc
    • No One Would Tell
    • She Cried No
    • Inside Out  

    Guest Speaker 

    Education for a Lifetime 

    healthy relationships, abstinence, STI's 

    ( please contact me if your student would like to opt out of speaker or movies)