• Mesa Ridge P.E. Procedures


    The Grizzly Way!!


    Be Here


    You must be in class to receive participation and dress out points.


    1. Apps Map My Run/Walk (screenshot your workout email teacher) or other Fitness Apps
    2. Class time (12-minute run )  during designated Makeup time 
    3. Talk with your teacher to discuss other options 

    Be on time


    Must be in the locker room when the bell rings.

    Must be seated in your squad when the teacher enters the gym.

    1-3 minor infraction

    4+ major infractions

    Be Prepared

    Dressing Out

    Grey, black, or purple t-shirt with sleeves

    Black shorts or purple shorts

    Shoes made for exercising

    Uniforms available through the business office for $20 a set, but not mandatory.

    1-3 minor infractions

    4+ major infractions


    Be Safe

    Follow Instructions given by teacher  


    Be a supportive teammate


    Follow the learning characteristics

    Reflect and Act, Wonder, Connect, Feedback, Collaborate, Persevere

    Excused Participation

    *Any injury or illness preventing participation must be supported/excused by a

    doctor's note. These non-participation days must be made up.

    Locker room Expectations

    *No backpacks in the locker room. 

    *No food or drink.

    *Lock up everything! MRHS is not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen items. ( Highest theft area in school)

  • Grading

    60% of grade is participation ( a weekly grade)

    • Each day is worth 10 points   (5 for Fitness  / 5 for game or sport)
    • Students can lose points from each category for failure to participate  
    • Students will receive 8/10 points on days that are made up

    20% of grade is dressing out ( one grade for semester)

    • Each student starts with %100 and grade drops each time the are not prepared or absent 
    • Students will get full credit returned upon makeup of each absence   No make up for being unprepared 

    20% of grade is Fitness test and CA

    • These tests will be administered at the end of each semester

    Students who are removed from game or activity due to behavior issues will lose all  points for the day and they cannot be made up