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    Student, staff and visitor safety is essential. That is why the Widefield School District works hard to make our schools into secure places where teaching and learning can flourish.
    The Safety and Security department currently consist of the Director of Safety and Security, John Morse, and officers Don Roycraft, Brian Livingstone and Mike Southworth.
    As a parent, you should feel confident the Widefield School District has an extensive emergency plan modeled after the National Incident Management System. Yearly trainings are conducted, both at the district level and school level, to keep our staff and students prepared for emergencies. In addition, every school has emergency drills throughout the school year utilizing the Standard Response Protocol (SRP v2.x). Many of these drills are conducted with our other first responder partnerships, to include fire and local law enforcement.
    Please review the important safety and security links on the left and feel free to contact any officer with questions or concerns you may have.