• Welcome to PLTW: Environment and Sustainability

    Course Description for PLTW: Environment and Sustainability

    Grade Levels:  10-12-12

    Year Course

    Prerequisite:  Successful completion of biology, Principle of Biomedical Science, or Introductions to Engineering and Design

    Environmental sustainability is a rapidly developing field that involves creating environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to ensure food security for a growing world population; provide affordable, renewable energy; and provide clean, safe drinking water. In these lessons, you will examine how biological and environmental engineers address and solve important global problems. You will step into the role of an engineer and investigate current global problems as presented by the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council.

    This course can be taken as one of the PLTW Engineering Pathway or a stand-alone course.


    Materials for Class

    3-ring binder

    3 subject dividers for this class

    PLTW engineering notebook (provided)

    colored pencils (as needed)

    notebook paper

    pen (black or blue only)


    Assignment Policy

    Any work not turned in at the time requested is subject to a late penalty: 

    • one day, 10% is subtracted
    • two or more days, 40% will be subtracted
    • work may be made up during Advisory for 70% credit (a loss of 30%).
    • Credit will ONLY be given for work completed in Advisory.

    ** I have to see you working on the assignment for any credit to be given if the assignment is considered late and already handed back. **