D3 My Way Contact Information


     D3 My Way Staff

    Administrative Contact Information


    Mr. Shane Skalla-Principal
    Phone: (719) 391-3122
    Email: skallas@wsd3.org

    Ms. Caroline Neely-Program Facilitator
    Phone: (719) 391-3061
    Email: neelyc@wsd3.org

    Ms. Jennifer Donato-Secretary
    Phone: (719) 391-3080
    Email: donatoj@wsd3.org


    Teacher Contact Information


    Ms. Keryl Burns- Math Tutor
    Email: burnsk@wsd3.org

    Ms. Anne Cornell- HS Foreign Language
    Phone: (719) 492-0790
    Email: cornella@wsd3.org

    Ms. Emily Cornell-HS & MS Science Teacher
    Phone: (719) 491-2197
    Email: cornelle@wsd3.org

    Ms. Logan Dahlman- HS & MS Social Studies Teacher
    Phone: (719) 491-0580
    Email: dahlmanl@wsd3.org

    Ms. Chris Grupp- HS & MS Tutor
    Email: gruppc@wsd3.org

    Ms. Rebecca Kiger- Elementary Teacher (3rd-6th)
    Phone: (719) 491-1762
    Email: kigerr@wsd3.org

    Ms. Patty Krough- HS & MS Math Teacher
    Phone: (719) 491-0660
    Email: kroughp@wsd3.org

    Ms. Linda Schwatz- HS Speech Teacher/Tutor
    Email: schwartzl@wsd3.org

    Ms. Landis Seabolt- HS & MS English Teacher
    Phone: (719) 491-0608
    Email: seaboltl@wsd3.org

    Ms. Tianna Staples- HS Electives Teacher
    Phone: (719) 896-0233
    Email: staplest@wsd3.org













    D3 My Way is unique as all of our teachers are highly qualified. D3 My Way teachers combine online learning with in-person workshops to create a blended learning environment. Full time Elementary and High School students are required to attend one Connection Day per week, but encouraged to seek in-person support from teachers as needed. Middle School students are required to attend two Connection Days per week. Teachers are also available via Odysseyware messaging, email, and phone. While students and parents can contact teachers at anytime via messaging and email, teachers are not required to respond outside of normal school hours M-F 8:00am-4:00pm. 





               Ms. Kiger, Ms. Dahlman, Ms. Staples, & Ms. SeaboltTeachers





                                     Ms. Krough & Ms. Burns              Teachers