• Community Goals


    In November 2017, voters in the Widefield community graciously passed two measures to improve our school district. Due to the support, the district felt it was appropriate to gather feedback from the community on the current climate of Widefield School District 3 (WSD3). 

    In the beginning of 2018, the district hosted five focus groups consisting of community members, parents, students, and staff. The focus groups narrowed down the district's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Based off the information collected in the focus groups, the district put together a community survey to address important topics including communication, safety, health and wellness, technology, academic programs, and student support. 

    The survey was given between March-April 2018, and of the 478 participants who completed the survey, 87 percent were parents. The results of the survey helped WSD3 to create a new mission statement and community-driven goals to work on over the next four school years, 2018-2022. 


    To Learn, Grow, Achieve: Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day


    • Goal #1: Learner for Life
      • Explore, offer, and support innovative opportunities for all students

    • Goal #2: Communication
      • Establish consistent expectations to improve communication

    • Goal #3: Community Engagement 
      • Effectively use media to inform and to increase partnerships

    • Goal #4: Safety, Health, Wellness
      • Provide education, training, and support to create a safe and healthy learning environment