Twice-Exceptional Students


    Students Identified as Gifted with a Disability

    Students who have been identified as gifted under state criteria and have been identified with a disability under federal and state criteria are termed “twice-exceptional” students if their disability qualifies them for either an IEP (individual Education Plan) or a 504 plan under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These students will have two plans, either the IEP or 504, and their Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).

    Twice Exceptional students are often difficult to identify because they possess the characteristics of gifted students and the characteristics of students with disabilities. Gifted characteristic may mask disabilities, or disabilities may mask gifted potential.  Gifted students with disabilities are often at-risk because their educational and social-emotional needs often go undetected. The inconsistent academic performance can lead educators believe Twice Exceptional(2e) students are not putting forth the effort. Hidden disabilities may prevent students with advanced abilities from achieving their full potential. 

    The full “2e Overview” document can be found on the CDE website.