• What is Easy Bib?

    Easy Bib is an online research tool that you can use for any school project.  This great tool will allow you to collect notes, create outlines, and develop bibliographies from school or at home.



    Everyone needs to create their own account. 

    **If you go into EasyBib from your district Google account, log off of your EasyBib account before you close your Google account.**

    If you do not log off of your EasyBib account before closing your Google account, the next person to log on to their Google account on that same computer and then opens EasyBib will see your account.

    Content Overview
    The program consists of three self-paced courses. It only takes your teachers about an hour in total.
    ·  Course One: Video tutorials and practice exercises on all of EasyBib’s major features.
    ·  Course Two: Reviews the best practices for using EasyBib in the classroom. Shares real-life examples of it being used to teach 21st century information literacy skills and practice Common Core ELA Reading and Writing Skills.
    ·  Course Three: All about communicating the value of EasyBib and promoting its usage to colleagues and students.

    Webinar Series
    We also have a free Professional Development series on topics that range from "Best Practices for Library Website User Experience" to "Communicating the Value of Information Literacy" to "Hip-hop in the Classroom"!