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    The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program is a joint program between Security Public Library and Widefield School District #3.   The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program is a great opportunity for parents to learn, grow and, most importantly, spend time with their child enjoying great books.  Widefield Preschool, Webster Elementary and Security Public Library both have this program in place. Now, not only can you get books at the Security Public Library, you can also get materials from the school. 

    If you are interested in having your child participate, please complete the following form and turn in to your school librarian at Webster Elementary or Widefield Preschool, or the children's librarian at Security Public Library.

    Once your child signs up, you can fill out the reading log sheets.  You can read 50 different books or you and your child can read your favorite books over and over.  For every 50 books that you and your child read together, you can record that on the sheet and turn it in to your librarian.  Your librarian will keep track of your child's progress.  For every 200 books you and your child read together, your child will receive a badge.  You will receive a new badge for each of the following increments:  400, 600, and 800.  At 1000 books read, your child will receive the last badge, an official framed certificate, and a free book. 

    We would encourage you and your child to participate in the program.  The more a child reads the better reader, writer.  More importantly, your child will be on the road to becoming a life-long reader and a successful student!