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    Do you need a book to read for fun or do you need to work on research for a class project?  Follett Destiny is your one stop shop for all of your information needs.  Through Follett you can find books, eBooks, audio books, database information, and standards information to support your learning needs. 




    To access the system, go to the following site: .

    Login Information: 

    Anyone can log on as a Guest, but the capabilities are mostly limited to looking.  If one wants to have full access to all functions, log in with your information.

    Student Login:

    User Name: studentIDnumber

    Password:   INITIALS4digitnumberinitials  (John Doe = JD1234jd)


    Staff Login:   

    User Name: lastnamefirstname

    Password: initials6digitidnumber


    Booking Items:

    You can book items through your school site.  Follow these instructions to book items from the TLRS.

    Book Needs

    Whether you need a book from the library or would like to check out books online, you will be able to do this easily through Follett.  You can go to the site, log in and find the materials that will help you out.

    If you would like to check out materials online you can do that, too, using the appropriate mobile apps. 

    If you want to read eBooks on a phone or iPod Touch, use the Follett Destiny Digital Reader App with Text Flow

    If you want to read eBooks on a tablet device, you can use the Follett Destiny Digital Reader app.

    Follett allows us to put learning as the top priority.  You will find that you have access to database resources, website resources, and standards-based searching capabilities.

    Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can find what you need through Destiny.

    For librarians, if you want to have mobile control of the system, you can now download the Follett Destiny Mobile app.  Go to the following location to download the app: