• Reading Incentive Programs

    Reading Incentive Programs can be tremendously helpful to any school that hopes to improve reading proficiency, especially those who are encouraging free choice reading.  Below, you will find out out the benefits of free voluntary reading and some reading incentive programs that may help your school.


    Ideas for Creating an Incentive Program

    • Make if fun for all (students, teachers and administrators) to participate in.
    • Have a theme that can be visible just by the title. (Ex.:  Survive the Zombie Apocalypse)
    • Be very visible with your promotion techniques.
    • Create a tracking method that is fast and easy to check.  (Google Form or a sheet of paper that can be turned in.
    • Have rewards that have value to the students. (Tickets to amusement parks, athletic events, gift cards to businesses, coupons for free items.
    • Remember that contests do not need to be held while school is going on.  Some of the best contests happen over a break.  (Christmas, Thanksgiving)
    • Promote the winners.  (People like to be celebrated.)
    • Consider how you want to include your struggling non-readers.  What can you do that makes it feasible for them?
    • Pay attention to how you want to measure success.  By # of books read, by time?

    Elementary & MS Programs

    • University Programs - several schools in the district run a school university.  King has Cougar University for example.  Each school that runs this program has different levels of success.  Each student can track the number of hours that he/she has read.  Each sheet is turned in.  Once the student has read a certain amount, the student receives a degree.

      • Associate's Degree -
      • Bachelor's Degree -
      • PHD -


    • Pizza Hut Book It! Program - Pizza Hut provide pizza coupons to students who have met their reading goal.  One rep. per school should sign up for the entire school.  Click here.
    • Book Adventure - This program works through the Sylvan Learning Centers.  Click here for additional details.
    • Some local businesses will donate to schools and schools can use those coupons, gifts for program incentives.

    Middle School Programs 

    •  Tickets to Reading Rewards - This program is exclusively for middle school students.  This program is an educational program tied to the National Association of Basketball Coaches.  This organization provides prizes and incentives to reading programs.

    High School Programs

    • Read to Feed - This program support Heifer International and is a project hosted by a group and Heifer International uses the money to buy livestock in other countries.

    Ideas from Pinterest

    • Click here to find additional reading incentive ideas.