Red Box Service

    What is the Red Box Service?


    This is a delivery service provided to all staff members by TLRS and the Warehouse.  If you have materials from TLRS or Technology that need to be delivered to you or from you to TRLS or Technology, this is the easy way to receive materials or send materials to us. 


    What does the process look like?


    Step 1 – The truck arrives at the TRLS at 6:45 a.m.


    Step 2 – Materials are delivered to the school’s front office, and the return tub is picked up.  Your school red bag contact will deliver the materials to your mailbox or directly to you.  If you need to send something, place the material(s) in the red box.Step 3 - The warehouse truck delivers the materials back to the TLRS by 8:30.




    Ordering:  If you want to order something from the TLRS, we deliver materials to your site, such as:  equipment, cables, adapters, SPED support materials, SPED testing supplies, Fusion Writers, etc.  


    Please place your order so that you are receiving the materials the day before you actually need them.   That will guarantee that you will have the materials you desire before you have to have them.  If you need something the next day, please call the TRLS at 3077.  

    Sending:  If you are sending materials to the TLRS, please make sure that a note, label or work order is attached to the item(s) so that we can support you in the most effective way possible.   The note, label or work order should include at least your name, contact number and location information.  If you are sending equipment to us, please send it in a box or bag so it will be protected.