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Health Services


Health services are provided by Widefield School District 3 (WSD3) registered nurses in addition to trained Health Technicians. Health Technicians receive training in basic first aid, CPR, and medication administration. They are certified by WSD3 registered nurses at annual Health Tech Training.

WSD3 nurses work directly with WSD3 staff members to help identify and manage students with acute and chronic health care needs. Contact your child’s school nurse to discuss any medical concerns that may impact their educational achievement.

A school may administer medication required to enable a student to stay in school only if the school has received signed, written permission from the student’s health care practitioner with prescriptive authority under Colorado law, and signed, written permission from the student’s parent/guardian. The appropriate forms may be found on this page in the right hand column.

It is very important that the contact information on file at your child’s school is accurate and up-to-date. If a parent cannot be reached and their student’s health condition worsens, 911 will be called. Ambulance/hospital fees will be the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian.