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Trevor Myers receives internship certificate

Trevor Myers, junior at Widefield High School (WHS), is a little more prepared for the real world after completing a summer internship. 

"I learned how to work in an office environment and how to collaborate with others to work on projects. I learned a lot about the real world," said Myers.

Myers recently completed his paid internship with Bluestaq, a local technology company that streamlines global operations using cutting-edge enterprise software and mission analytics. Myers is in the computer science pathway at WHS and applied for the internship opportunity through Pikes Peak Business Education Alliance (PPBEA). He was able to work closely with space experts to help research space objects like satellites and rockets as well as build documentation based on his findings. Myers was also asked to do data entry and management heavily focused on space.

He received his certificate of completion at the PPBEA Intern Celebration and earned an overall Excellent rating on his performance in the internship.