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Discovery High School (DHS) is lighting up the path to graduation with 'Discovery at Night'—a groundbreaking program helping students like Jycelia, Eli, and Scott achieve their dreams.

“It’s a great option to have for students who need to earn credit toward a certain subject,” said Scott, senior at DHS. 

Discovery at Night is the school’s new night class offering thanks to an Empowering Action for School Improvement grant. 

“The grant allowed us to offer night classes and pay staff three days a week at no cost to students,” said Dr. Albert Wiggins. 

Wiggins said the night classes began at the end of September 2023 and have been offered each hexter (six-week schedule), three days a week, for a total of .4 credits per class. 

“We’ve been able to recruit students who dropped out of school and re-engage them in learning,” said Dr. Wiggins.

Jycelia was one of those school dropouts who was juggling a job, school, and family.  She is taking advantage of all the credit recovery opportunities the school and district have to offer including night classes. 

“Discovery offers opportunities with night school and flexibility with the schedule,” said Jycelia. 

For Scott and Eli, Discovery at Night is getting them a step closer to graduation. 

“COVID messed up my credits and now I’m playing catch up. The night classes fit more with my schedule and I’m able to maintain my credits toward graduation,” said Scott. 

Dr. Wiggins has seen an increase in night school enrollment with each hexter; growing from five students to 12 students.  For next school year, he is working on expanding the night school option to four days a week for a total of 9 weeks which would allow students to earn a full credit.

We are meeting students where they are out to help them graduate and find success beyond Discovery High School” said Dr. Wiggins. 

If you want to learn more about alternative education options at Discovery High School, call 719-391-3121, email Dr. Wiggins at wigginsalbert@wsd3.org, or visit the school website, dhs.wsd3.org