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Widefield Summer Engagement Academy

The Widefield Summer Engagement Academy (WSEA) provides students in grades 6-12 an opportunity to find their passion .

Through the WSEA, students the can participate in free, creative, and engaging courses over the summer. These courses are not for credit and do not serve as a make-up class for the previous school year. The goal is for students to have fun, while enhancing their skills and developing academic tools that will assist them during the school year.

Hear what students like about this opportunity!

Summer Engagement

Student flying a drone during summer engagement
Students doing a lab in Biomedical science
Student making bracelets in the jewelry making summer engagement course
Teacher helps students spice her dish in making healthy snacks class
3 elementary students playing violins
Male student smoothing out concrete with tool
Student makes a blanket during summer engagement
Female student craving to create ink stamp
Students singing in choir class
Two female students working on their squid dissection