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Board of Education/Policies



The Board of Education holds a meeting every third Thursday every month at 6 P.M., please click the MyVRSpot link to view the live stream.

Please note that public comment must be made in-person. Live stream only allows viewers to watch and listen, there is no two-way communication. Thank you. 


The District is governed by a five-member Board of Education, members of which are elected on an at-large basis for four-year terms.

To contact a board member, email boardofeducation@wsd3.org or contact Tammy Medina, Board of Education secretary, at 719-391-3001.

The Board of Education encourages citizens, including staff members and students, to attend board meetings, and it welcomes all views on subjects related to the school district. Questions related to the employees of the district will not be permitted; such questions should be referred to the superintendent at another time. It is requested that comments be limited to five minutes. Please contact the superintendent’s office in advance to receive a copy of the board meeting agenda. Agendas will be available in the boardroom during each meeting. To contact the superintendent, email superintendent@wsd3.org

Regular meetings are held at 6 p.m. (unless the hour is designated by the Board of Education) on the third Thursday of each month. All meetings are held in the Administration Building at 1820 Main Street unless changed by the Board of Education.

Meet the Board

Board of Education, Widefield School District 3, Colorado Springs

Back Row:  Vice President ~ Susan Graham, Member ~ Carlos V. Gonzalez Jr., Member ~ Neil Nelson

Front Row: President ~ Charron Schoenberger, Treasurer ~ Theresa Watson

Values and Beliefs

We believe it is imperative that all students in Widefield School District 3 learn, grow and achieve. High levels of learning will be evident, ensuring achievement for every child, in every classroom, every day. It is core to our values to help students grow as individuals with integrity. Knowledge, data and research will provide direction for our decisions. We resolve to take action and follow through with a sense of urgency when needs are identified. We believe in supporting one another and respecting each other for our individual differences. Because we value diversity, we honor the unique qualities of each individual in our community and we want to continue to ensure our learners are in an inclusive environment that promotes individual success.

Furthermore, we believe that:

  • Every child will have sustained learning and achievement.
  • All teachers will be highly effective.
  • 21st Century Learning will be implemented in each classroom.
  • Learners will come to school prepared, ready, excited to learn and partner with their teachers to be successful.

These beliefs and values will guide the collective actions of the board of education to ensure that all students learn and maximize their potential.