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The purpose of this page is to provide educational, health, and community resources regarding COVID-19. Widefield School District 3 (WSD3) will update this page frequently with new information as it becomes available. All parent communications are below under "Announcements." 



June 5, 2020

Dear WSD3 Staff and Families,

We are navigating through some very challenging times. The COVID pandemic, nationwide and statewide budgetary hardships, and most recently, we are experiencing extreme heartache with social injustices taking place in our nation.  

As our nation, city and community grapple with the uncertainty of the COVID virus and horrific loss of George Floyd and the ensuing social unrest that has followed, we ask you to partner with us in the goal of developing and nurturing the Widefield communities greatest asset, your children, our children.  We cannot achieve this without your support. Widefield is a very diverse school district that takes pride in treating everyone in the same respectful manner. We also realize a number of community members have moved to the district in recent years and come with a variety of experiences. We support all families in WSD3 and will always make it a priority to create a safe, caring environment for learning, whether it be in-person or virtual. If our collective history has taught us anything it is surely Unity is the strength of the Widefield community.  

We must be willing to engage in conversations around social injustice relevant to the district, and things in our purview and control, while we continue to plan for the reopening of schools in the fall.  

Widefield School District 3 is collaborating with the District Management Group and our local, neighboring school districts to build a plan for re-opening that addresses five key challenges: public health, difficulty in agreement, short period of time, intense scrutiny, and shifting circumstances. With the input and expertise of community members, staff, parents and students, we expect to develop much of our plan in June.  

In July, we will validate our plan against the current data and state orders, and work to implement, in order to be prepared to begin educating students on time in August. We will continuously monitor and modify our plan and implementation based on stakeholder feedback, public health announcements and developments, and results.

Throughout this process, WSD3 will rely on five key workgroups, including:

  1. Instructional Core/Social Emotional Learning – this workgroup will look at addressing the academic and social-emotional needs of all students in the district. They will consider curriculum, instructional design, school and staffing schedules and a myriad number of details related to teaching and learning.

  2. Operations – this workgroup will create a detailed and well-understood plan for operations to include (but not limited to) opening buildings, safe and healthy environments, and transportation.

  3. Resources – this workgroup will identify how to utilize financial resources to implement the plans being considered by the other groups to support student learning, staff health and wellbeing, and safe facilities.  In addition, this workgroup will develop options to safely maximize nutrition services and other ancillary services.

  4. Stakeholder and Communications – this workgroup will bring stakeholders from throughout our community together to support clear and frequent communication on the district’s efforts.

  5. The Steering Committee is the final workgroup where all of the information, considerations, and plans from the above workgroups will come together to ensure equity issues are being properly addressed and plans are implemented with fidelity for the benefit of all staff, students and families. The Steering Committee will consist of the team leads of each workgroup.

We will continue to keep you all informed of our progress throughout the summer.

Thank you for your support,

Scott Campbell
Superintendent of Schools