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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

D3 Equity Journey

This year has brought challenges beyond our comprehension. Our nation continues to battle a global pandemic, social injustice, political strife, and new models of education. We have been reflecting in real-time on how we adapt and make fundamental changes not only in this current climate but for the future. 

We are taking action to transform the district in an intentional, meaningful, and research-based way. We know supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is the right thing to do for our staff, students, and our families. We want to make sure every student is getting what they need to succeed. 

Your voice is important and will play a vital role as we move forward in this equity journey. We will be sending monthly updates to keep you informed on where we are in the process. We look forward to starting a new chapter and renewing our commitment to staff, students, and our community. 


Planning Phase District leaders began discussions with the Board of Education around disparities between different demographics after going over state data on graduation, attendance, and drop out rates February 2020
CEID Level I We began culturally responsive training with Dr. Regina Lewis for all staff members in WSD3. The Cultural Excellence: Ideas and Dialogue (CEID) workshop introduced and provided tools to identify and address unconscious bias October 2020 - January 2021 
RFP We put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a consulting firm who will do a EDI audit of the district in order to lay out a strategic plan that will better meet the needs of our community. October 2020
Firm Selected We announced American Institutes for Research (AIR) as the firm that will lead us toward equitable change.  December 2020
Data Collection AIR began collecting data in key areas of the district January 2021
Recruiting Volunteers We recruited staff, students, parents, and community members to serve in focus groups and a steering committee January 2021
Steering Committee First Steering Committee meeting February 26, 2021
Focus Groups Five focus groups met including two parent, two staff, and one student March 2021
Virtual Presentation D3 Equity Journey - district leaders, AIR consultants, and Dr. Lewis presentation  March 9, 2021
CEID Level II  Level II training: Digging Deeper (Application) March - April 2021
Co-Interpretation A committee comprised of staff, parents, and students will go over all the research and data collected. May 2021



Data Collection

Key areas the evaluation or audit will focus on include:

  1. Workforce diversity
  2. Access to quality teaching
  3. Discipline practices 
  4. Gaps in student achievement
  5. Access to instructional supports
  6. Resource allocation 
  7. Intentional academic learning
  8. Cultural responsiveness of the core curriculum

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of parents, non-licensed and licensed staff, and a school board member. The committee will consult with the AIR team throughout the evaluation by sharing insights about the district and the community, and providing input on how best to tailor the evaluation to the needs of the WSD3 community. The committee will also serve as community liaisons helping to raise awareness about the evaluation and to engage stakeholders so that as many voices as possible are heard. 

Focus Groups

There are five focus groups including two groups of parents, two groups of staff, and one group of students. Each group has between 8 to 12 people who volunteered or were recruited to represent all areas of our school district. These groups will also provide insights that will be used toward the evaluation of the district.