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The Widefield School District 3 (WSD3) Communication Department is responsible for building trust, relationships, and support for our schools, as well as providing two-way communication with internal and external audiences to increase awareness, understanding, and involvement in our schools. The department supports the mission and goals of the district by serving many important functions, including:

  1. Trusted Counsel: Takes a proactive stance by anticipating problems and providing solutions to leadership
  2. Strategic Planning: Conducts research to determine public opinion and attitude as a basis for planning and taking action
  3. Media Relations: Works with media to get coverage of school district news, and serves as the media’s liaison with the school district 
  4. Crisis Communication: Provides timely and accurate information during an emergency or crisis situation
  5. Community Relations: Creates and maintains partnerships with community groups; develops ways to bring the community into the schools 
  6. Publicity: Promotes district strengths and achievements through various platforms including website, social media, email, newsletters, newspaper, photography, video, and other advertising mediums 
  7. Special Events: organizes and hosts school district-related events
  8. Fountain Valley Scholars: serves as president of non-profit organization that raises college scholarship funds for students in the Fountain Valley area (District 3 & District 8); organizes monthly meetings, fundraising events, and award ceremony