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Welcome to Widefield! Our mission is for every child to learn, grow, and achieve....every day!

Registration for new students (preschool through high school) is completed online. Prior to registering preschool students online, parents must call (719) 391-3375 to check space availability and be put on our waiting list. Returning students that completed the previous school year, do not need to be in the application.

K-12 ONLINE Registration

FYI on student registrations:


Preschool registration begins by completing an application through Universal Preschool Colorado. (Click on this link to begin the application process:

Please note it will take 4-6 weeks for Universal Preschool Colorado to notify parents regarding preschool program matches (placements).

Please call Widefield School District 3 at 719-391-3375 for questions and/or assistance. 

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