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TLRS does not offer any GED support. This is an incorrect listing in Google. Please do not contact us about GEDs.

What does TLRS do to help staff and students?

  • Lends equipment, such as: projectors, cameras, sound systems, Makerspace kits, etc. on a short-term basis
  • Trains teachers to use district equipment, media and/or software
  • Supports the district library system and promotes information literacy
  • Lends professional materials on integrating information literacy and technology into the curriculum

Where is TLRS?

We are located at 930 Leta Dr. across the parking lot from the District Administration Building. We are in the southwest corner of S.A. Wilson Center, on the west side of the building. Please feel free to drop by and see what we have to offer!

What are the hours for TLRS?       

TLRS is open from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  
Call (719) 391- 3077 to request media or equipment.
Call (719) 391- 3078 to arrange for technical assistance or training.

Who is on the TLRS team?

  • Brenna Long (3077)
  • Emily Ostlund (3077)
  • Terri Brungardt (3078) - District Media Specialist
  • Email:

What We Support