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You Are Not Alone

Support and Resources

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we want to take this time to provide support, educate our community, and fight the stigma on mental health. We also have other family resources posted under Parents & Students on our homepage. 

warning signs of mental illness


Mental Health Service Providers in Colorado Springs

1.    Cedar Springs Behavioral Health Service 633-4114

2.    Peak View Behavioral Health 235-9475

3.    CHPG Behavioral Health 776-6850

4.    Mind Renewal Behavioral Health Services 465-2582

5.    Trumpet Behavioral Health 225-4655

6.    AspenPointe  572-6100

7.    Pikes Peak Mental Health Center  572-6330

8.    NAMI Colorado Springs  473-8477

9.    The Family Center of Colorado Springs  471-1816

10. Colorado Springs Behavioral Health LLC (800) 233-3596