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Welding stations at the MiLL
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Welding program added at the MiLL

A new program is taking place at the MiLL (Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab) located in Widefield School District 3. In addition to the manufacturing and construction programs, students can now take welding classes. Students are currently taking Metals 1 at Mesa Ridge and Widefield high schools. Those students will now be able to take their skills to the next level with Metals 2 and Metals 3 at the MiLL. This semester, students in the Metals 2 class will improve their techniques in oxy-acetylene torch welding (OAW), computer-guided plasma arc cutting, electric arc/stick welding and wire feed welding. Students who go through the welding program will also learn elements of creating hand-drawn plans, writing up a bill-of-materials, and calculating completion costs. Our goal is to be able to offer Certified Welder industry certifications through the American Welding Society to help students get a job after high school. We recognize the importance of welding careers and hope we can fill gaps in areas such as assemblers, fabricators, machinists, sheet metal, plumbers, pipe fitters, and HVAC. The area of the MiLL dedicated to welding has been equipped with 16 brand new welding stations, welding helmets, gloves, downdraft tables, and curtains. An updraft ventilation system has also been installed.