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Aniyah Johnson wearing medals from her Taekwondo world championship
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Meet Jahavi and Aniyah

Widefield School District 3 students Jahavi Garcia and Aniyah Johnson are medal winners after competing in the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts World Championship. 

Jahavi is a freshman at D3 My Way and Aniyah is a third grader at French elementary school. Both are members of the Tiger-Rock Team East and recently traveled to Huntsville, Alabama to compete in the Taekwondo competition. 

Jahavi competed as a Second Degree Black Belt Level 3 against other black belts ages 12-15 where he earned a gold medal in Forms, a gold medal in Sparring, a gold medal in Board Breaking, a silver medal in Play Two Sparring. 

These results earned Jahavi a “rank up” which means he is now a Third Degree Black Belt Level 1, and an invitation to the Masters Competition. There, he won a gold medal in Player 2 Sparring, a silver medal in Sparring, and bronze medal in Forms. 

Aniyah is a Brown Belt Level 2. She earned a silver medal in Board Breaking and a bronze medal in sparring. Aniyah started training in 2020 and quickly fell in love with the sport. She is already planning what she can do to earn more medals next summer.  

When Jahavi and Aniyah are not competing, both serve as a Red Jacket Leader and Junior Instructor at the Taekwondo Tiger Rock East Academy. 

Jahvai Garcia poses with medals earned at the Tiger-Rock Taekwondo World Championship
Aniyah Johnson wearing medals from her Taekwondo world championship