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Five students from Mesa Ridge high school pose with their orchestra instruments
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Five Mesa Ridge High School musicians will be playing in the Pikes Peak Honors Orchestra festival taking place on Friday, January 20th at Mitchell High School.

Mari Marsh (violin), Aaron Welch (viola), Hayleigh Duez (cello), Gabe Browlowe and John Pope (bass) auditioned and were selected to be in the front stand because they were the top players at the audition!

"It gives me a sense of school spirit in the sense that our school has some of the best musicians in these honor orchestras and it just makes me feel good that our music program is good enough for that," said Marsh. 

Students from all over the Colorado Springs region (over 100 students) auditioned, and 6-8 people were selected for each section. Out of the 25 total people in the orchestra, Mesa students were placed in the top percentile! These musicians are all seniors and have participated in Orchestra since middle school, some before that.