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Tracy Vsetecka Read A Thon February 3 to March 2

February 3, 2020 to March 2, 2020

The Positive Action Team (PAT) in Widefield School District 3 did a phenomenal job organizing and implementing the districtwide Tracy Vsetecka Read-a-thon. Tracy was the principal at Talbott STEAM Innovation School and passed away suddenly in 2019. She was very passionate about literacy and reading. In her honor, each school hosted activities and events to encourage students to read. Several schools were also able to raise money for the Tracy Vsetecka Memorial Scholarship. During the Read-a-thon, the district raised a total of $2,217.91. Top Readers were determined at each school across the district as well. The following students earned a medal:



Discovery High School - Isabelle Castillo

Mesa Ridge High School - Miya Huskey

Widefield High School - Jessica Leach



Janitell Junior High - Aurora Wall

Sproul Junior High - Jael Julian

Watson Junior High - Elaynah Samules Martinkovich



Grand Mountain School - Gino Lee

French Elementary - Josie Worthington

King Elementary - Sophia Jackson

Pinello Elementary - Abaigeal Erwin

Sunrise Elementary - Jayde Jones

Talbott STEAM Innovation School - Alexis Gamble

Venetucci Elementary - Ainsley Collins

Webster Elementary - Daniel Merlo Pizarro

Widefield Elementary School of the Arts - Saryah Rivera



WSD3 Preschool - Kathleen Lewis