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Andrew Fairbank Widefield of Dreams for December 2022
  • Widefield of Dreams

Andrew Fairbank is hoping to row his way to the Olympics.

The Widefield High School sophomore is training to compete with his team in the spring at regionals. Andrew started rowing in 8th grade, taking after his older brother, and has enjoyed competing the past couple of years in Kansas.

The military moved his family to Widefield this summer and he immediately found opportunities to row. Andrew attended an olympic development program and found a team in Denver to join.

According to rowing olympians, it takes the same amount of energy to play two NBA games back-to-back as it does to row 2000 meters in eight minutes! Andrew's personal record for rowing on water is 1500 meter in 4 minutes and 58 seconds. 

Andrew plans on competing in regionals in the spring and hopefully qualifying for nationals in the summer. Andrew hopes to get on a good college row team and study computer science. His dream is to be an olympic rower.