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Secorra Nicholas Widefield of Dreams student of the month for May
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Meet Secorra Nicholas

Secorra Nicholas is mixing and mastering her way into the music industry.

“I’ve always loved music and I’ve always wanted to produce my own music,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas is in the music production pathway at Widefield high school. The program is designed to offer students instruction in basic and advanced techniques of music production including recording MIDI and audio, advanced editing, mixing, and mastering skills. 

“I’m also doing a music business internship that allows me to do audio for school performances and for performances at Stargazers Theater,” said Nicholas.

Through the work-based learning continuum in Widefield, students like Nicholas get the opportunity to explore careers, receive hands-on training, and even earn industry-recognized certificates.

Most recently, Nicholas got the opportunity to observe the soundboards and be a part of the process of setting up for a rock concert at the Broadmoor World Arena.

“The event manager came to our class to talk about internships available at the World Arena and I told him I was interested in doing the audio boards. He asked if I wanted to come help at the Megadeth concert. It was so cool!” said Nicholas.

After graduation, Nicholas plans on studying business management at Colorado State University in Pueblo. Her dream is to have her own mobile music studio and travel around the country producing her own music.

“It might sound silly, but I want to be like Dr. Dre. He does it all,” said Nicholas.