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Zack and Jayden, sixth graders at Janitell Junior High, pose for Widefield of Dreams
  • Widefield of Dreams

WSD3 Student Spotlight

Zack Hernandez, sixth grade student at Janitell Junior High, poses with his BMX team shirt

We have two students to highlight this month for the Widefield of Dreams: Zack Hernandez and Jayden Souders. Both are in sixth grade at Janitell Junior High. Zack is a BMX rider. He has been riding for two years and recently joined the Frenetic BMX Team. Zack enjoys the challenge of riding and doing tricks on the bike. His favorite subject is science because he likes to experiment. Zack's dream is to become a professional BMX rider.

Jayden Souder, sixth grade student at Janitell Junior High, shows her Tae Kwan Do medals

Jayden is a level one blue belt in Tae Kwan Do. She has been competing for a year and has earned several medals at both the Worlds and National competitions. Her favorite competition in Tae Kwan Do is board breaking. Jayden said she enjoys the challenge of earning higher belt levels and is looking forward to becoming a level two blue belt. Her favorite subjects are math and science. Jayden's dream is to become a junior high teacher.

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