• Volleyball player digging
    • 6th Grade Tournament at Sproul 3:30 p.m. on Wed. Nov. 14th
      • Only the winning team from the in-house tournament will travel
    Season Schedule
    Practice will begin Thursday Oct. 25   3-4pm AP Room
                               Tuesday Oct. 30    3-4:40 Big Gym
                               Friday  Nov. 2       3-4pm AP Room
                               Monday Nov. 5      3-4:30 Big Gym
                               Thursday Nov. 8    3-4:30 Big Gym
                               Tuesday Nov. 13    3-4pm AP Room
                               Wednesday Nov. 14  Tournament @ Sproul 3:30pm
  • Contact Information
    6th Grade
    Sandy Celano   celanos@wsd3.org 
    LaShai Powells  powellsl@wsd3.org