Janitell Physical Education Expectations

    Janitell Junior High provides a dynamic, skill-oriented Physical Education Program that includes many team and individual sports, games, exercises, and cooperative activities.  We emphasize physical fitness and lifetime involvement.  Our program is not limited to the field and gym.  Seventh grade students are also educated on many important issues during Health units in the classroom.  The educators in our program believe we can help make a difference in the activity level of each of our students.  At Janitell we believe that an active student is a healthier, happier student and that an active lifestyle as a child lays foundation for an active adult lifestyle.  Below are some of the expectations and goals of our program; we look forward to another fun and educating year in Physical Education!

    All students are expected to demonstrate the following:



    • Yourself (By working hard and safely every day to improve your fitness level)
    • Others (Always encourage, never put down)
    • Equipment (By using it for intended purposes)


      • Each student will be assigned a combination lock and a locker, they will need to return the lock at the end of the semester in order to avoid being charged a $.6.00 replacement fee.
    • Janitell Jr. High is not responsible for any lost or stolen items!
    • Dressing out is a big part of our grading scale, students are required to dress out in clothes different than those worn to school that day. We believe this promotes active participation and aids healthy personal hygiene.



    • Tennis shoes are required (no boots or flip flops)
    • please have deodorant in locker to use before and after class!
    • A positive attitude can go a long way, be happy!



    • All students will be graded based on the following criteria:
      • Dressing out, participation and attitude, improvement on fitness scores, written assignments and assessments.
    • Students will have 10 points every day when they walk in the door. Students may not ear more than 10 points a day, but may lose points. 
      • No Dress= -5 points (have one free pass)
      • Lack of Participation/ poor attitude/ Inappropriate use of equipment= -5
      • Inappropriate shoes for class= -2
      • Tardy= -3 (first one is free pass)


    Absences/ Injuries

    • Students must have a doctor’s note to be excused for an extended period of time. Students may have a parent note at minimum to be excused for the day.


    • Students will multiple absences, are gone for extended period of time, or are injured will be given a written assignment to make up for the time they miss.


    *If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!


    LaShai Powells

    Physical Education/ Health