Bond 3B Updates

  • Boundary Community Meetings Survey

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 9/11/2018

    With all the Boundary Community meetings now completed, the Boundary Committee has a survey where anyone who attended the meetings could place any additional constructive input. The link is:


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  • Final Boundary Community Meeting

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 9/6/2018

    The Boundary Committee held two community meetings on August 31 and September 5. We are exploring district boundary changes for the 2019-2020 school year due to the opening of Grand Mountain PreK-8 School. 

    The new boundary proposals will affect some students at all schools, so if you are interested please come to the last Boundary community meeting on:


    • September 11, 2018 - 7:00 PM at Janitell Junior High 


    The community meeting is a great way for us to share proposed district boundary changes and recieve feedback from the community.


    We look forward to seeing you at the last meeting.


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  • Grand Mountain School's First Community Meeting

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 8/30/2018

    Grand Mountain School Principal Brian Pohl held the first community meeting for the new school on August 28, 2018. At the meeting the cadre of teachers for the school were introduced:


    • Diana Mendiola, Sunrise Elementary, K-1
    • Tara Archuletta, Pinello Elementary, 2nd Grade
    • Ursula Reese, Webster Elementary, 3rd Grade
    • Stacey Feltes, Venetucci Elementary, 4th Grade
    • Bradley Stamer, Watson Junior High, Social Studies
    • Miranda Taylor, North Pre-School, SPED


    Mr. Pohl provided key information about Grand Mountain School including the school's vision, curriculum, and future goals. 


    There will be another community meeting with Mr. Pohl at Restoration Church on 9355 Peaceful Valley Road. The meeting will be on September 18, 2018 at 6:30 PM.


    If you have any questions about the next community meeting, please email Principal Brian Pohl at


    Grand Mountain School Principal Brian Pohl Presenting at Community Meeting  



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  • Boundary Community Meetings

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 8/8/2018

    The Boundary Committee will be holding three community meetings on:


    • August 31, 2018 - 12:30 PM at Talbott Elementary
    • September 5, 2018 - 6:00 PM at French Elementary
    • September 11, 2018 - 7:00 PM at Janitell Junior High 


    We are exploring district boundary changes for the 2019-2020 school year due to the opening of Grand Mountain K-8 School. These community meetings will be a way to share proposed district boundary scenarios and gain input from the community.


    We look forward to seeing you at one of the following meetings.


    Boundary Community Meetings Flyer

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  • Grand Mountain School Community Meetings

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 8/6/2018

    There will be two community meetings about the new Grand Mountain School at Restoration Church on 9355 Peaceful Valley Road. Both meetings will take place at 6:30 PM on:


    • August 28, 2018
    • September 18, 2018


    At the meetings, Principal Brian Pohl will give a brief presentation about the new school and request for community input. Feedback is highly welcomed and there will be a question and answer session at the end.


    If you have any questions about the community meetings, please email Principal Brian Pohl at


    Grand Mountain School Community Meetings


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  • Bond Projects

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 7/2/2018

    Many of our school and building bond projects have begun this summer and we are excited to share the progress with the community. Videos have been made for some bond project and updated continuously for anyone to see. To view the list of bond projects videos, click on the School Projects tab to the left and choose which project you would like to view. 

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  • Groundbreaking Ceremony

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 5/16/2018

    On May 15, 2018 we held a groundbreaking ceremony for Grand Mountain School. The event was a way for the district and the community to mark the beginning in the construction of the new school. This was a momentous occasion as Grand Mountain School is the first new school for the district in 22 years. 


    Our partners LKA Partners and Nunn Construction were present during the ceremony, along with our Board of Education, district administrators, new principal Brian Pohl, and several members of our community. It is thanks to everyone, especially our community, that this ceremony could happen for the new school.


    During the ceremony there were four key speakers:

    • Superintendent Scott Campbell
    • Nunn Construction Tyson Nunn
    • Board of Education President Charron Schoenberger
    • New Principal Brian Pohl


    Each speaker had inspirational words and hope for the future of Grand Mountain School. It is exciting to see the construction of the new school headway as Tyson Nunn states, "The most rewarding part of a construction project like Grand Mountain School is taking a blank site and turning it into a 21stcentury learning environment for the students of Widefield. We are grateful for our partnership with WSD-3 and look forward to building Grand Mountain on time and to the quality standards of the district."


    Plans for the new school have been in talks for years as LKA Partners Andy Lewis states, "For 25 plus years I have worked on small projects with Widefield, so it is increibly gratifying to be working on a large project like this. It has been a long time coming and great to see it coming along."


    The district is excited for Grand Mountain School and Charron Schaenburger recalls at the ceremony, "It's been a wild roller-coaster ride but today marks a beginning of the reality of Grand Mountain School." Along with the new school our chosen principal, Brain Pohl, is hopeful and states "What a great opportunity to be a part of this community and it is truly something special. I can't wait to get started in this work."


    We thank the community for their votes to let this happen and please look forward for more updates in the future.


    Digging the Ground


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  • School Name & Groundbreaking

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 4/20/2018

    New School Name

    The name for the new PreK to 8th grade school has been decided and is now Grand Mountain School. We thank the Naming Committee for their work in gathering community input and following board guidelines.



    A Groundbreaking Ceremony will take place for Grand Mountain School on the construction site on May 15, 2018 at 10 A.M. The ceremony will be a great way to introduce Grand Mountain School as the first school to be built in our district in 22 years. Due to limited access to the site, the district will post a video and photos of the event for everyone to see.

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  • Bond Sale Information

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 3/21/2018

    Widefield School District 3 issued bonds approved by the voters in the November election and they were priced on January 10, 2018.  These funds were then paid to WSD3 on January 24, 2018.  The timing of the bond issue was based on the external factor of the recently passed tax law which created a vacuum in municipal bonds for sale in early January.  The new tax law legislation changed how bonds can be refinanced in the future. This caused many firms to take bonds to market in December 2017.  Our consultant, RBC Capital Markets, encouraged us to wait until the early January time frame to sell our bonds.  Big name investors such as Goldman Sacs, JP Morgan Chase, State Farm Insurance, and Barclays to name a few, invested heavily in Widefield School District 3, 2018 bonds.


    The other factor in the sale of the bonds, was the investors’ confidence in Widefield’s financial position that was promoted by the District’s bond rating from the Standard and Poor’s rating agency.  Standard and Poor’s extensively researched the District’s financial status, operating policies, and the School Board’s practices over the past 10 years.  The rating provided was an improved rating above the State’s rating which the District would not have received without the District’s excellent financial condition and practices of the District.


    Due to these factors and others, Widefield School District 3 Series 2018 Bonds were sold at a premium.  This is the amount investors were willing to pay above the $49.5 million to ensure their interest payments at the marketed rates.  As a result, the district received $7,393,507 in additional funds.  After issuance costs are deducted from the premium amount, the School Board has recommended the balance of the premium funds be put in reserve until all the projects are completed.  If there are any additional funding needs for the current projects, these funds can cover the overage.  At the end of those projects, the School Board will reassess District needs and prioritize projects to be completed with the remaining funds.

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  • School Projects & New Principal

    Posted by Carolyn Stephen on 3/21/2018

    Bond Projects

    In the next few months we will start some of our school bond projects. Two of the largest projects will be the high schools’ auditoriums that will begin at the end of the school year. School committees/communities are currently deciding specific projects using the $31,250 of the bond. Those projects will be turned in mid-May. Following is the list of projects that are coming soon:

    • Widefield High School Auditorium: Complete Renovation
    • Mesa Ridge High School Auditorium: Sound and Lighting
    • Widefield Elementary: Electrical Work
    • Transportation Center: Fueling Station


    New School Updates

    We are excited to announce we hired a principal. Brian Pohl comes to us from Ohio with 21 years of experience in education. He has worked in a variety of school districts in Ohio and Colorado, primarily as a teacher and coach. For the last eight years, Brian has worked in administration. Two of those years as an assistant principal in charge of discipline, and the last six years as a high school principal. Brian is excited for the opportunity to bring his experience to Widefield School District 3 and become a part of our community. To best describe Brian’s beliefs is by the quote from Brene Brown, “You are imperfect and wired for struggle, and you are worthy of love an belonging.”

    • Updates on Construction:
      • Developers are currently expanding Fontaine Road
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