Mrs. Virgilia Laux

Phone: 719-391-3295


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Virgilia Laux

6th Grade Writing & Drama, 7/8th Grade Drawing


FIRST SEMESTER DRAMA PERFORMANCE:  December 14. 7th period 1:50- 2:40  AP ROOM  

After school rehearsal- December 12, 2018 3:00-5:30pm AP ROOM   


Tardy policy for all classes:

First: Free                              Third: Lunch Detention

Second: Warning                     Fourth: Office Referal 


Late police for all classes:

Assignments will have 10% taken off of the final grade for every day an assignment is late, unless 

students talk to me about an alternative due date prior to the due date of the assignment. 


Writing Classes

Materials: 2 composition books, pencil, eraser, silent reading book, planner

Subject and Predicate 


Drama Class

Materials: Pencil, silent reading book, planner, loud voices, and awesome participation!

Drama Quizlet- Use this link to practice for the drama quiz. 


Drawing Class

Materials: Sketch book, pencil, eraser, silent reading book, planner


Storyboard That