• Mr Brian Pohl

    I am Principal Brian Pohl, of the Grand Mountain School located in Widefield School District 3 at Lorson Ranch Subdivision. This is a very exciting time and I am very grateful for this great opportunity to open our new school. It is my goal that we will showcase how a computer science focused school can develop through project based learning how student achievement can attain to the best of our ability. At the same time, I realize our purpose of providing for our students human growth and character development is equally important. We will provide for this by developing great relationships as a basis for all further growth, connection, and alignment to our culture of craftsmanship and excellence. If we can work hard and learn to embrace difficulty in the form of productive discomfort, we can grow to accomplish great things. I look forward to this opportunity to showcase what our best effort looks like through disciplined behavior which, when sustained, will allow us to grow and do our best. I believe our students are starting their path on the journey to success and it all begins with the coordinated efforts of family and community in connection with school. I look forward to working together on the education of our students. 


    Brian Pohl