• Groundbreaking Ceremony

  • On May 15, 2018 we held a groundbreaking ceremony for Grand Mountain School. The event was a way for the district and the community to mark the beginning in the construction of the new school. This was a momentous occasion as Grand Mountain School is the first new school for the district in 22 years. 

    Our partners LKA Partners and Nunn Construction were present during the ceremony, along with our Board of Education, district administrators, new principal Brian Pohl, and several members of our community. It is thanks to everyone, especially our community, that this ceremony could happen for the new school.

     During the ceremony there were four key speakers:

    • Superintendent Scott Campbell
    • Nunn Construction Tyson Nunn
    • Board of Education President Charron Schaenburger
    • New Principal Brian Pohl

    Each speaker had inspirational words and hope for the future of Grand Mountain School. It is exciting to see the construction of the new school make way and see what Grand Mountain School will one day become. We thank the community for their votes to let this happen and please look forward for more updates in the future.

  • We celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Grand Mountainn School's Groundbreaking! Construction has come a long way and we look forward to the grand opening in August 2019, more details to come. We thank our community for the support and for Nunn Constructionb and LKA Partners for all their hard work over the past year.